Company Overview

LVMC Holdings is continuously growing with its vision to
become the best automotive company in the Indochina Peninsula

Beyond Southeast Asia and into the World.
As an Automotive company with advanced production and after-sales service system, we constantly strive to be the leading manufacturer and
distributor of highest-quality automobiles and motorcycles. Fueled by synergies between the manufacturing of automobiles and motorcycles and financial business, we continue to strengthen our competitive edge as a Global Automotive Company that stretches out beyond Southeast Asia and into the world.

business Areas

  • business Areas
    - Distribution of Global Brands
    - First 3S showrooms in Lao PDR
    (Sales, After-sales Services,
    Spare Parts Sales)
    - Creation of new demand with
    the introduction of installment
    finance service linked with
    automobile sales
    - Sales of commercial trucks and
    heavy equipment
  • Production and Assembly of Automobiles
    - Independent R&D, manufacturing,
    sales and overseas exports of
    our in-house brand DAEHAN
    - Competitive quality products
    at a reasonable price
  • Motorcycle
    - Independent R&D, manufacturing,
    sales and after-sale service of
    our in-house motorcycle brand KOLAO
    - Manufacturing, sales,
    after-sales service and
    overseas exports of our
    affiliate company KR Motors
  • Automobile Parts and A/S
    - Sales of parts and accessories
    of automobiles and motorcycles
    - Automobile and motorcycle A/S
    and maintenance service
  • Others(used car sales, etc.)
    - The first specialized used
    car trading service in Lao PDR
    - Rental service