What is the on-the-job training course?

On the day of joining the company, the employee receives training about overall company and HR system through orientation by HR Team. After that, necessary training is carried out from time to time.

What are the qualifications and eligibility requirements for employment of LVMC Holdings?

Qualifications may vary depending on the position, but in general, the minimum requirement is a bachelor degree with foreign language skills, especially English as LVMC Holdings is located overseas. In addition, an ideal candidate should have the enthusiasm and challenging spirit that conform to the LVMC Holdings’ talents. The ability to use foreign languages, professional skills and experience required by the position are additional advantage factor when considering a candidate.

What is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process for LVMC Holdings is as follows:
Document screening - Interview (conduct face to face or video conference interview. 2nd interview can be conducted, if necessary) - Consultation for employment condition - Confirmation of employment

How do you announce job opening?

We regularly conduct recruitment through online recruitment sites and recruitment agencies and firms.

What are the opening positions?

We open up the position for all subsidiaries of LVMC Holdings as necessary. The recruitment target is for jobs that require specialized skills such as group’s administrative support, mechanical maintenance, quality control and others.

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