HR System

Evaluation system

We believe in giving all employees, regardless of background, the opportunity to fulfill their goals
and aspirations through fair and transparent evaluation system

  • 성과평가
    Establish concrete
    actionable goals and
    evaluate personal
    achievement by MBO
    (Management by Objectives)
  • 평가제도
  • 역량평가
    Assess various perspectives
    and competence per
    position by dividing the
    sector into basic,
    hierarchical, and job


We provide wide range of benefits and services to ensure and improve employee welfare

  • Housing Support
    We manage dormitory and
    also provide housing funds
    for employees’ accommodation
  • Regular Health Examination
    We conduct annual health
    examination to maintain the
    health of employees
  • Other Benefits
    We support transportation (gas),
    telecommunication fees,
    food expense, vacation bonus
    and expenditure for congratulations
    and condolences.